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For Men

Designed Specifically For The Needs Of Men's Skin

Based on natural ingredients such as Birch Sap, Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin C and Extract of Sake. All with light, easily absorbed textures and perfect for the most sensitive skin.

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Eye Contour Solutions Serum For Men Eye Contour Solutions Serum

$ 5300

Works against puffiness, bags under the eyes and wrinkles. Favors drainage and smoothes the skin’s micro-relief.

For Men Special Pack Hydra Elements + 2 Products

For Men Special Pack Hydra Elements + 2 Products

$ 7990

For Dry skin showing fine lines and wrinkles.


Powerage Anti-Aging Emulsion

$ 10500

For Normal to Combination Skin. An energizing anti-age emulsion that works effectively and rapidly against the signs of fatigue.

For Men Hydra Elements Daily Moisturizer

Hydra Elements Daily Moisturizer

$ 6350

For Normal to Dry Skin.

For Men Age Resist Serum

Age Resist Active Hydration Serum

$ 8150

For All Skin Types

For Men Cool Scrub

For Men Cool Scrub Facial Exfoliator

$ 3700

For All Skin types. A fresh feeling purifying exfoliator with microspheres. Eliminates dead cells, excess sebum and residues from the skin's surface.

For Men Aqua Clean Facial Cleansing Gel

Aqua Clean Facial Cleansing Gel

$ 3700

For All Skin Types. Aqua Clean is a refreshing and light gel that deeply cleanses the skin.

For Men Force Revive Serum

Force Revive Youth Recovery Serum

$ 10950

For Ultra concentrated fluid serum to attack all signs of ageing and defend the skin against daily environmental aggression - A "Super Serum".