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Timexpert Lift(IN)

Defy Time

Brand New, a complete re-formulation of the Timexpert Lift line creating Timexpert Lift (IN).

An intelligent range that emulates the effects of surgical lifting, providing flaccid or sagging skin with volume, lift and firmness. Timexpert Lift (IN) works within the skin, at the root of the problem, to restructure and redefine the facial contour using the most advanced and powerful ingredients.

Called Lift (IN) simply because a new way to work from the inside out creating a lasting lifting and firmer look by re-building and restructuring the support layers of the skin to add volume where needed and redefine the facial contour.*

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Lifting & Firming Red Box TE Lift Serum & Cream Duo

$ 19800

A boxed set contain our award winning Timexpert Lift (IN) Serum with the moisturizer. Save $50.00

Timexpert Lift(IN) Supreme Defination Cream

Supreme Defination Cream

$ 9900

For Lifting and Firming. A powerful moisturizer tht melts into the skin to lift, firm and increase volume.

Timexpert Lift(In) Vector Lift Serum

Vector Lift

$ 14900

For Lifting and Firming. A powerful serum that works to lift, tighten and redefine the facial contour. Packed with highly active ingredients and formulated to work from within the skin in the most dramatic way.

Timexpert Lift(IN) Neck and Decolletage Tautening and Firming Cream

Neck and Decolletage Cream

$ 9950

For Lifting and Firming. A rich cream to lift, firm and redfine the neck.

Timexpert Lift(In) Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream

Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream

$ 8950

Fine Lines & wrinkles, Lifting & Firming. The first cream able to lift, restructure the whole eye area - including the top eyelids.