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Royal Jelly

Intense Vitality For Tired & Stressed Skin

Recovering the skin's optimal resilience. Royal Jelly nourishes, repairs and revitalizes from within. The Royal Jelly Elixir and Poria Cocos Extract strengthen the skin's defense against environmental and everyday stress.

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Royal Jelly Pro-Resilience Cream - Comfort

Pro-Resilience Cream - Comfort

$ 5350
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For normal to combination skin. Dull & devitalized skin. A moisturizing cream with royal jelly to revitalize and protect the skin.

Royal Jelly Pro-Resilience Cream - Extreme

Pro-Resilience Cream - Extreme

$ 5350
Out of Stock

Normal to Dry Skin types that is dull, tired or stressed. A moisturizing cream packed with Royal Jelly to revitalize and protect the skin.

Royal Jelly Melting Make-Up Remover-Cleanser & Toner In One

Melting Make-Up Remover

$ 3700
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A cleanser, toner and makup remover all in one. For all skin types, especially those that are dull, fatigued and stressed out.