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Excel Therapy O2 Essential Youthfulness Eye Contour Cream

Lip-Cure Oil

$ 2850

All Skin Types – Anti-Ageing. Especially for Dry lips.

Hydracure Hyaluronic Force

Intensive Comfort Hydrating Mask

$ 4850

An intense hydrating facial mask to prevent and correct dehydration. Use weekly to deeply nourish and repair skin which is dry / dehydrated.

Excel Therapy O2 Essential Youthfulness Eye Contour Cream

Essential Youthfulness Eye Contour Cream

$ 6800

For Preventative, anti-aging.

Excel Therapy O2 Volumizing Ultra-Correction Care Lips Contour

Volumizing Ultra-Correction Care Lips

$ 5300

For Preventative anti-aging, a deeply hydrating intensive treatment for the lip area.


Essential Youthfulness Intensive Mask

$ 6610

Suited For: Providing high concentration of oxygen molecules and vitality in minutes.

Timexpert Lift(IN) Neck and Decolletage Tautening and Firming Cream

Neck and Decolletage Cream

$ 9950

For Lifting and Firming. A rich cream to lift, firm and redfine the neck.

Timexpert Lift(In) Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream

Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream

$ 8950

Fine Lines & wrinkles, Lifting & Firming. The first cream able to lift, restructure the whole eye area - including the top eyelids.

Timexpert Rides Eyes Night Mask Puffiness/Bags Under The Eyes

Eye Contour Treatment Day And Night

$ 11000

For Fine Lines & Wrinkles, for all skin types. Minimize lines and wrinkles and preventing aging.

Timexpert Rides Eye Patch Mask

Eye Patch Mask

$ 2000 1 pair
$ 20800 20 pairs

For Fine Lines & Wrinkles. An anti-wrinkle eye patch to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

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Timexpert SRNS Intensive Recovery Eye Contour Serum

Intensive Recovery Eye Contour Serum

$ 9150

For Dull, devitalized skin. Preventative anti-aging. A multi-vitamin eye serum that contains 60% active ingredients to revitalize the eye contour.

Timexpert SRNS Illuminating Detox Eye Formula

Illuminating Detox Eye Formula

$ 7500

For All skin types. An award winning eye cream to treat dark circles, bags and puffiness under the eyes.